SM 62 Pickups


Please note these pickups are made to order: they are not off the shelf factory products

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The SM 62 pickup sets are reproductions of Scott’s original Pre-CBS pickups found in his 62 Stratocaster. Designed with renowned pickup maker, Mark Foley of MF Guitars. It can be seen that some of the poles have been pushed down from the original vintage stagger usually found on a 62 pickup, this will alter the tone produced by the pickups. Each pickup position has been duplicated to have the same stagger and spec as Scott’s pickups. The set is very well balanced from neck to bridge with no jumps in volume super clear and articulate.

  • Low to medium output
  • Alnico 5 poles (Aged)
  • Heavy Formvar coil wire (Wound by hand)
  • Aged covers
  • Aged countersunk mounting screws